The bell tolls for bland monsters (for Tina and all victims of Nigerian police/uniformed officers’  brutality) | Ndubuisi Martins

Tina had been tilling her dream soil, cropping her life, waiting for some harvests but the bland monsters fetched her smile into silence

Tina had counted many mornings from gory nights that her nations rained down on her, lived every day on the delicate edge of frowning Naija cloud, investing hopes, in measly minutes for this mortal carriage, thinking, projecting into a future that now becomes a soap lather…

Tina sought to reach the upland sun, the bland monsters brought down the slate of grief, set stray traps for a waking morning for her, ensured the noon will be her memory and the night of a future now past.

But the bell tolls for the bland monsters in uniform:

Amadioha soon gives them a peal of his thundery laughter; all the fierce gods make a fire feast for them in catacombs, in unending chaos…

Ndubuisi Martins (Aniemeka) formerly an adjunct lecturer at McPhersonUniversity, Seriki- Sotayo, Ogun State, and currently teacher of Use of English and Writing with the Centre for General Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, is a poet, columnist, editor and literary conversationalist. He is also an emerging literary (poetry) theorist, critic and scholar. His work has appeared in Lines from the Rock,, Africanwriter.comNgiga Review and Wreaths for a Wayfarer (An Anthology of Poems in Honour of Pius Adesanmi). Ndubuisi Aniemeka has also had his essays published in local and international peer-reviewed journals. Ndubuisi resides in and writes from Ibadan.

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