Bravo to your penile savagery (for all rapists and particularly for those who raped Uwa, the Uniben undergraduate of Microbiology) | Ndubuisi Martins

Careless erection and you made an object of Uwa, weakening her resistance, cutting through her. Murderous lot!

And you mean the devil built his fire in your groin? You must answer the call of bestiality and become what has no lexeme in the grammar of humanity…

You fetch for yourself the fireflies of curses, horrendous hisses; at last you hugged calamity.

Bravo to your penile savagery: let wildfire find you…

You hacked down Uwa, now take your catch and make a meal for your crude feast; enjoy alone the anger of Ogun, fall by the fire spanks of Sango…

Bravo to your penile savagery: let wildfire find you…

Let the small pox king use you all as pawns for breakfast, your bones for lunch and your heart for dinner.

Even to your crumbs from their table, let the stomach of the vultures be your graves.

Bravo to your penile savagery: let wildfire find you…

Ndubuisi Martins (Aniemeka) formerly an adjunct lecturer at McPhersonUniversity, Seriki- Sotayo, Ogun State, and currently teacher of Use of English and Writing with the Centre for General Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, is a poet, columnist, editor and literary conversationalist. He is also an emerging literary (poetry) theorist, critic and scholar. His work has appeared in Lines from the Rock,, Africanwriter.comNgiga Review and Wreaths for a Wayfarer (An Anthology of Poems in Honour of Pius Adesanmi). Ndubuisi Aniemeka has also had his essays published in local and international peer-reviewed journals. Ndubuisi resides in and writes from Ibadan.

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