Two Poems | Ndubuisi Martins

Night is a poet’s gift

You seek colour letters at noon

not knowing

the night



fluent skin,




thoughts               straying



amidst the silence

of beings,

of hissing leaves

of once noisy crickets



to bed

so the earth


the poet a song,

to weave

for days…


The way answers come

Answers or questions come probing all;

The constituency chief, whose first bow followed convenient absences,

rails in cancer.

The blacksmith who yawns without iron sprawl for his forge,

settles for false gains.

The singers whose voices, dog-nose cold,

sing dead hymns.

The fast-legged lady, too easy eyes for smokescreen empires,

sags soon.

The farmer that crouches among others’ tendrils

sits on stolen harvest.

And the skunk lover that now crowds the honey pot after

spikes of jilts…


Answers come in garments, sewn in many tongues, spirited nerves,

patched by stinging threads, of scrubby songs, whirl wondering,

filmed too in the nunnery notes, curious embroidery of lovers’ lyrics.

The way answers come are in millipede’s streams, dragging many legs

On the face of the earth that gives it dust enough to live.

Author’s Biography

Ndubuisi Martins (Aniemeka) formerly an adjunct lecturer at McPhersonUniversity, Seriki- Sotayo, Ogun State, and currently teacher of Use of English and Writing with the Centre for General Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, is a poet, columnist, editor and literary conversationalist. He is also an emerging literary (poetry) theorist, critic and scholar. His work has appeared in Lines from the Rock,,, Ngiga Review and Wreaths for a Wayfarer (An Anthology of Poems in Honour of Pius Adesanmi). Ndubuisi Aniemeka has also had his essays published in local and international peer-reviewed journals. Ndubuisi resides in and writes from Ibadan.


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